Torrance Municipal Airport

City-Owned Hangar Waiting List
Policies and Procedures

Hangar Policies

A. Vacant hangars will be offered to persons on the hangar waiting list. In order for a person to appear on the Hangar Waiting List they shall:

  1. Complete and File a Hangar Application with Airport Administration. Applicants are solely responsible for maintaining a current address and telephone number on their Application.
  2. Note: A copy of this Form will be mailed via Certified Mail to all persons on the Hangar Waiting List as of August 17, 1993. Persons on the existing Hangar Waiting List will be required to complete this Application Form, and return it with the $225 Deposit within seven ( calendar days of delivery of the Certified Mail. Failure to return the application, or to pay the deposit, will result in removal from the hangar waiting list.

  3. Pay an Administrative Fee and/or Deposit
  4. Stipulate the Size Hangar Desired. Hangar size preference can be changed at any time by filing a written request with Airport Administration.

B. Position on the Hangar Waiting List. Persons on the Waiting List as of August 17, 1993 will retain their existing place on the List. Waiting List position for new applications shall be determined by the date stamped on the Hangar Application when received at the Airport Office. A copy of the official date-stamped Application will be provided the applicant as a receipt.

C. The Hangar Waiting List shall be on prominent public display in the lobby of the General Aviation Center (GAC). Identification of persons on the list shall be by the first four digits of their driver's license and list date, not by the applicant's name.

D. Positions on the Hangar Waiting list shall not be transfered, traded or sold.

E. Hangar Offers Shall Be Made Chronologically (oldest date/time to the most recent). The Offer, and a copy of these policies, shall be made in a Certified Letter from the Airport Manager. To accept the Offer, the applicant must.

  1. Reply in the affirmative within 72 hours of the date when the Certified Letter was delivered (weekends and holidays excepted).
  2. Aircraft Acquisition: Have an aircraft Registered to the applicant in the hangar within sixty (60) days from the date Airport Administration received the applicant's acceptance and Hangar Rental payment. Failure to have an airworthy aircraft registered to the applicant in the hangar within one year of acquiring the hangar will result in:

F. Persons removed from the Hangar Waiting List may restore their names to the bottom of the Waiting List by making a new Application and paying the Administrative Fee and Deposit again.

G. Whenever the top position on the Hangar Waiting List is vacated by assignment of a hangar, a Certified Letter will be sent to the next three people on the Waiting List notifying them of their position on the List.

Pass-Over Policies

A. Airport Administration shall make every effort to contact the person in the top position of the Hangar Waiting List by Certified Mail and telephone when a hangar becomes available.

B. A "not interested" response, non-contact, or failure to respond to the Certified Letter and/or telephone calls within 72 hours (weekends and holidays excepted) shall be considered a "Pass-Over".

C. Each Hangar Waiting List applicant is permitted one refusal, or "Pass-Over", for size of hangar listed on their Application.

D. A Certified Letter will be sent advising the applicant of the "Pass-Over".

(Hangar Application, and Hangar Waiting List Policies and Procedures adopted August 17, 1993)

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