Torrance Batting Cages located at Wilson Park in Torrance have been owned and operated by Tyler Sports for 40 years. The Tyler family has specialized in supporting young baseball and softball players and anyone who wants to hit some balls in the South Bay.


Both baseball and softball players can find extensive use of these cages if you are looking to get some extra batting practice in. It is also a great place to blow off some steam and hit some balls for fun.

There are seven cages that can be used for the slow pitch softball or you can step it up if you’d like with their fastpitch softball.The fastpitch softball ranges from 35 miles to 70 miles per hour.

If you need a great place in the area to sharpen up your skills in the batter’s box you can work your way up through the ranges of speed the cages offer. Many young players in the area join with their local leagues.Once in the batter’s box at the cages you have the ability to perfect your swing, stance, and focus.

Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.
Babe Ruth

For All Ages and Skill Levels

If you are in an adult league, on a little league team, or are playing club or travel ball in the area this would be an excellent place to spend time training with your team, alone, or with your friends. Torrance Batting Cages has multiple turf fields if you are looking for that option as well to rent out with your team or your friends.

On their property, they have an 11,000 and a 13,000 square foot fully lit turf field that can be rented out in hour increments at a time. The field is currently rented out for softball leagues, softball clinics, baseball training and practice, and futsal and soccer leagues. Their turf fields are an excellent option if you need a place to get your team in shape. The rates for their turf field are $60 to $80 per hour for the Roy Tyler Field, which is the option of 11,000 square feet. The next step up is $80 to $120 per hour for the Big Field, which is the 13,000 square foot option.

Torrance Batting Cages offers a program to take younger players who are transitioning from Little League teams to the next step in their baseball careers. They maintain that this program will help kids to take their baseball skills to the next level. They offer training for each individual player with attention to detail and the correct techniques for them to develop into their best version of themselves in this wonderful game.

Their Travel-Ball program places players on a team which will match a players ability in order to provide them with an environment of growth preparing them for what’s ahead in their careers out on the field. Their Travel-Ball program is currently at capacity, but keep an eye out online and check in with the front desk for more information.

Hitting and Pitching Lessons

Along with their travel ball program, TBC offers lessons to young players who want to sharpen their skills in the game. They offer hitting, pitching, catching, and fielding with private one-on-one instruction.

More amenities that the Torrance Batting Cages has to offer for your players that are unique to the area are their Glove Relacing part of the shop. They offer the same day turn around if you want to stop in and get that glove relaced, change the lace colors on the glove, or get some leather conditioning services, along with padding web replacement.

They offer it all and you will absolutely notice a difference when getting the leather glove conditioned. The functionality is going to be much better than its previous state and adding in new laces to the glove will return it to its former condition once again.

Visit Torrance Batting Cages website to see pictures of what they have accomplished over the years of having the Glove Relacing program active. So if you’re looking for a great place to practice your swing, work on your skills, or just have some fun hitting balls, Torrance Batting Cages is the place to be.

Check out Torrance Batting Cages at Wilson Park in Torrance for all your baseball and softball needs. Not only is it a great place to become a better player, it is a great place to hit some balls just for fun.